Graduate Students in Tri-I M.Sc or PhD CBM programs, the PBSB program, or Tri-I MD/PhD program

Join us! We have plenty of exciting computational projects.

Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Genomics -- Algorithm Development

We have one postdoctoral research assocate position. Ideal candidates must have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computational Biology, Engineering or a related life sciences field with quantitative skills. Excellent computational (e.g. Algorithms, Machine Learning, Mathematics), programming (e.g. C/C++, Java or Python) and communication skills are required. Candidates with prior experience in biomolecular sequence analysis are highly desirable.
The successful candidate is expected to take leadership of some the exciting research questions we are actively perusing in the domains of characterizing (meta)genomes using current (and future!) sequencing technologies.
Please email your CV to "" along with a brief description of your background and future interest. Use the subject "Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Genomics -- Algorithm Development".

Prospective Graduate Students [** Please read this first before contacting me **]

Indeed I seek passionate and motivated graduate students to join my group. Please read below:

1) Prospective students in my group must first get admitted to one of our graduate programs (Tri-I CBM or PBSB). You can apply through this link . Please ensure all your application materials are submitted by the December 1st deadline. Please elaborate your interest in working with me in your Statement of Purpose and in the Faculty & Research Interests part of your online application.

2) I strongly believe that the nature of computational biology research is such that the work of highest impact usually involves the combination of cutting edge technology, computer science and mathematical innovation, and medical and molecular biological insight. In contrast with traditional Computer Science or Engineering programs, our competitive Tri-I CBM and PBSB programs offer unprecedented level of interdisciplinary training and a great deal of flexibility in cutting edge research. Our graduate students come from a wide array of backgrounds including computer science, engineering, medicine, natural sciences and mathematics. Those interested in joining my group will be mostly focused on algorithms, machine learning and deep learning skills with applications to genomics, cancer research, and sequencing technology development.

3) We take our students from the following three programs:

a) Tri-I CBM PhD Program

The Tri-Institutional Training Program in Computational Biology and Medicine or Tri-I CBM is a PhD program in Weill Cornell Medical College with a partnership between the Cornell University in Ithaca and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). For more information please check here.

b) The PBSB PhD Program

The Program in Physiology Biophysics and Systems Biology is an integral graduate program of the Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University in New York City. Please check here for more information.

c) The Tri-Institutional MD/ PhD Program

The Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program is training physician-scientists who will become the next generation of leaders in biomedical research. Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan Kettering combine to form one of the few inter-institutional collaborations dedicated to join MD and PhD training. Please check here for more information.

4) While the admissions are done through a selective admission committee, you can also email your CV and other application materials to "" along with a brief description of your background and future interest. Use the subject "Prospective Graduate Student in Computational Genomics". I will read and consider all your emails. Please only send one email. While I CANNOT respond to individual emails from calendar year 2018-19, I will note your email and follow your full application when submitted officially.