About Us

We are a computational science oriented group, affiliated with the institute of precision medicine and the institute of computational biomedicine.
We are passionate about developing new algorithms and applications of computational methods to genomics.

Photo is taken in January 2021. Missing Camir Ricketts (just defended!)

The lab is located in Upper East Side of Manhattan. The Weill Cornell Medical College is in close proximity to Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which offers a unique opportunity for scientific collaborations. Columbia University, NY Genome Center, Cornell-Tech and Google campuses are also within a very short commute. New York City (aka The City That Never Sleeps) is one the most exciting cities in the world and offers so much!

Current lab members

Principal Investigator

Iman Hajirasouliha

Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Englander Institute for Precision Medicine
The Meyer Cancer Center
Institute for Computational Biomedicine

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Graduate Students

Camir Ricketts

Ph.D. Candidate

Tri-I Computational Biology Program


Dmitrii Meleshko

Ph.D. Candidate

Tri-I Computational Biology Program

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David Danko

Ph.D. Candidate (Mason Lab)

Tri-I Computational Biology Program

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Josue Barnes

Ph.D. Student

PBSP Program


Matthew Brendel

Ph.D. Candidate (joint with Fei Wang)

PBSP Program

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Lauren Mak

Ph.D. Student

Tri-I Computational Biology Program


Katherine Kuchin

Ph.D. Student

Tri-I Computational Biology Program


Vanesa Getseva

Research Intern

Computational Biology Summer Intern Program


Former Members

Pegah Khosravi, Postdoctoral Associate 2017-2020, Current Position: Senior Computational Biologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Hamid Mohamadi, Postdoctoral Associate 2019-2020, Current position: Amazon, AWS group

Quanzi Li, undergraduate summer 2019 intern

Waris Barakzai, Summer Intern, Computational Biology Summer Program.

Maria Lysandrou, Summer Intern, ACCESS Program

Simone Ciccolella, visiting M.Sc. student from the University of Milan (Aug-Oct 2017)

Hongyi Xin, visiting Ph.D. student from Carnegie Mellon University

Want to discuss a project?

We are always keen to establish new collaborations with computational scientists and experimentalists.

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