Dietrich Busselberg, Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology and Biophysics

  • Assistant Dean for Foundational Sciences at WCM-Q
  • Assistant Dean for Premedical Student Affairs at WCM-Q


Location: WCM Qatar


Research Areas

Research Summary:

  • Role of calcium signaling in cancer incidence, progression and resistance 
  • Overcoming chemo-resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancers and Neuroblastoma 
  • Establishing the link between diabetes and breast cancer 


Selected Publications:

  1. Abotaleb M, Kubatka P, Caprnda M, Varghese E, Zolakova B, Zubor P, Opatrilova R, Kruzliak P, Stefanicka P, Busselberg D. Chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer: An update. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. 2018 May; 101:458. PMID: 29501768.
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