October 2017: Iman gave a talk on recently accepted paper BAMSE: Bayesian model selection for tumor phylogeny inference among multiple samples, in Orlando, Florida (ICCABS 2017)

July 2017: Camir, David, Iman and Pegah all attanded the UCLA Computational Genomics short summer program. Lots of science, networking and fun!

June 2017: Iman gave a talk at UC Berkeley in connection to the Simons Institute reunion for the Algorithmic Challanges Program in Genomics

March 31, 2017: Simone Ciccolella, M.Sc. candidate from the University of Milan won a competetive Exchange Mobility fellowship to join our group for summer 2017. Congratultions Simone!

March 30, 2017: Pegah Khosravi, Postdoc, from Tehran's IPM (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences) joins the group. Welcome Pegah!

Feb 2017: Iman attends the AGBT 2017 meeting in Hollywood, Florida.

Jan 18, 2017: Iman joins the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center.

Jan, 2017: Iman serves on program committees of RECOMB-Seq 2017 and ACM-BCB 2017. Iman has previously served on program committees of ISMB/ECCB 2015, ISMB 2016, GIW 2015, GIW 2016, AlCoB 2016, RECOMB-CCB 2016.

Nov 9-12, 2016: Camir represents the Tri-I Computational Biology program (and helps recruit students!) at ABRCMS 2016, Tampa, Florida.

Nov 7, 2016: Iman gives an invited talk at the Department of Genetics and Genomics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.

Oct 17-20, 2016: Iman attends the American society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting in Vancouver, BC

Note: If you could not find me at the main venue, come see me at 10X Genomics Community Mixer on Tuesday, Oct 18 7:00PM—11:00PM

Oct 14, 2016: Camir Ricketts, Ph.D. student from the Tri-I Computational Biology program joins the group. Welcome Camir!

Sep 25-30, 2016: Iman gives an invited talk at the Models for Oncogenesis, Clonality and Tumor Progression workshop in Columbus, Ohio.

Sep 15-16, 2016: Iman attends the Genome In A Bottle meeting in Gaithersburg, MD

Sep 13, 2016: Iman gives a seminar at the Institute for Precision Medicine.

Sep 1, 2016: Official start of the IH lab!

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